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Oklahoma City Community College Keith Leftwich Memorial Library

English Composition II - ENGL 1213

Resources to assist students in English Composition II research and write their essays.


Throughout Composition II, you will continue to use your research skills.  The Annotated bibliography provides the student the opportunity to identify scholarly sources for the upcoming essays, think critically about the content of each source, and begin to understand the topic from multiple perspectives.


  • 5 scholarly sources, with full citation, followed by a summary of each that includes the following:
    • A one sentence summary of the author's thesis.
    • Three to four sentences that summarize the main claims and/or key pieces of information within the article.
    • A one to two sentence personal evaluation of each source.  Was the author biased? Is the article credible at a college level?  Did the author make claims that could not be supported?
  • Scholarly sources must be drawn from the OCCC Library's databases (EBSCOhost, Opposing Viewpoints, etc.).
  • MLA format


To complete this assignment,  you should:

  • Identify Scholarly Sources.  What information is needed to provide the reader with facts and claims that cover every side of the topic?
  • Cite.  Provide the complete citation in MLA format for each scholarly source.
  • Summarize.  Condense the major claims of each source in you own words.
  • Write.  Complete an annotated bibliography.  This should be a living document as you can use this to draw upon to write the three upcoming essays, to eliminate sources that are not relevant to the essay, and to add additional sources as the semester continues and the essay requirements and research needs change.

Method of Organization

5 scholarly sources, including the full citation for each, followed by a summary of each.  The citation should be in MLA format as it may appear in the Works Cited section of an essay.  The summary should appear immediately below the citation, be double-spaced, and be written in complete sentences.