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Crime & Delinquency: SOC2063

Directs students on locating a scholarly article for SOC2063.


EBSCOhost is the primary source for magazine, newspaper, and scholarly journal articles.

There are a variety of individual databases within EBSCOhost.  For this assignment, the following databases (in order by relevance) are recommended:

  • Academic Search 
  • Sociological Collection
  • Masterfile 

These databases may be searched simultaneously.  See the box below for more information on searching EBSCOhost.

Searching in EBSCOhost

Not sure how to use EBSCOhost? Use the following tutorials to help you get you started.

Consider the following tutorials for additional tips and tricks on using EBSCOhost databases.

Tips for finding peer-reviewed articles in EBSCOhost

EBSCOhost offers access to articles from magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals.  For this assignment, you'll want to focus on scholarly, peer-reviewed journals.

To narrow your results to only scholarly peer-reviewed journals, complete a search, and on the results page check the Peer Reviewed box (sometimes labeled "Scholarly.")

Peer Reviewed limiter

Caution: This will limit your results to peer-reviewed journals.  Some journals may publish non-peer reviewed items, such as letters to the editor, book reviews, or other items that haven't gone through the peer review process.  Refer to the What is a scholarly article? tab of this guide for help determining if your article is peer-reviewed.

Below is a list of peer reviewed journals in EBSCOhost that may be useful for this assignment.  You are not limited to these journals, but they are excellenct sources.


Full-text in EbscoHost/Academic Search Premier?

Indexed in EbscoHost/Academic Search Premier  

    (no-full text)



1992-present; available via Interlibrary Loan

Social Problems


2001 – present; available via Interlibrary Loan

Social Forces

1974-one year ago


Law and Society Review


1990 – present; available via Interlibrary Loan

Journal of Family Violence

1997 – one year ago


Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology

1993 – present


Journal of Drug Issues


1990 – present; available via Interlibrary Loan

Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice


2006 – present; available via Interlibrary Loan

Journal of Interpersonal Violence


1994 – present; available via Interlibrary Loan

Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice


1998- present; available via Interlibrary Loan

Deviant Behavior


1999-present; available via Interlibrary Loan

Crime & Delinquency


 1975-present; ; available via Interlibrary Loan

Contemporary Justice Review

1999 – 18 months ago


American Sociological Review

2004 – present

(We also have print & microfiche copies of this 1982-2014)


 American Journal of Criminal Law