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Oklahoma City Community College Keith Leftwich Memorial Library

LIS 1111 - Research Skills

This LibGuide is for students in the LIS 1111 class.

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

Later on in the semester (starting in Unit/Week 4), you will create four different annotated bibliographies. Annotated bibliographies are lists of resources that expand on the typical works cited page by including more than just the citation. Typically, you can provide information like who the authors are, an overview of what the resource talks about, and even an evaluation of the resource. For the annotated bibliographies for this class, you will need to provide the following: MLA citation, summary of the source (information it provides), and an evaluation using the ABCD evaluation method you'll learn about in units 4, 5, and 6. You will also include an E as a method of evaluation of your source.

You will have four topics on your annotated bibliographies: Finances, Career and Education, Global Awareness, Health and Wellness. You will need 3 sources for each topic, and include a summary and evaluation for each source. You are required to use specific source types (websites, OCCC Library Catalog, and EBSCOHost). You will learn about these resources throughout the class and how to locate the sources you need.

The following links will tell you more about annotated bibliographies and how they are often structured. 

This Week's Assignments

This week, you will be required to do forum postings, a Syllabus Quiz, and Moodle Orientation. Go to Moodle for detailed information about your assignments and when they are due. Each unit in this guide will remind you about the assignments you will need to complete each week.

Forum Discussions

Four units have a forum discussion. You are required to be present in the forum discussions. For this shorter week, you will need to post your initial post and your two response posts by 11:45pm on Sunday. The initial post should be 150 words or more and response posts should both be 50 words or more. Your other forums in this class will require that you post your initial posts by Thursdays and your responses by Sundays, as the weeks will be normal lengths. 

Forum discussions cannot be made up and any initial posts will lose 10 points if they are late. The two response forums will not be counted after the deadline. Visit Moodle for more information regarding forum discussions.