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Oklahoma City Community College Keith Leftwich Memorial Library

English Composition I - ENGL 1113

Resources to assist students in English Composition I research and write their essays.


During Composition I, students will develop research skills.  The Annotated Bibliography provides students the opportunity to identify scholarly sources for the upcoming essays, thinking critically about the content of each source, and begin to understand the topic from multiple perspectives while continuing to learn MLA format and citation conventions.


  • 3 scholarly sources, with full citation, followed by a summary of each including:
    • A one sentence summary of the author's thesis. including their name and the article title.
    • Two to three sentences that summarize the main claims and/or key pieces of information included within the article.
    • One sentence that includes a short quote from the source.
    • A one to two sentence personal evaluation of the source.
  • Scholarly sources must be drawn from the OCCC Library's databases (EBSCOhost, Opposing Viewpoints, etc.).
  • MLA format


  • Identify: Select reliable, college-level, scholarly sources using the OCCC Library databases.
  • Cite: Provide the complete citation in MLA format for each scholarly source.
  • Summarize: Condense the major claims of each source in your own words.
  • Write: Complete an annotated bibliography.  The process of completing this document will help students improve research skills, rhetorical reading skills, and annotation writing skills, as wells as their knowledge of MLA conventions.  The information compiled for this document will be used for both the informative essay and the classical argument essay, if applicable.

Method of Organization

3 scholarly sources, including the full citation and a summary for each.  The citation should be in MLA format as it may appear in the Works Cited section of an essay.  The summary should appear immediately below the citation, with the first line indented 5 spaces, double-spaced, and written in complete sentences.