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Evidence-Based Practice Library Help Guide: Evidence-Based eJournal

A guide to locating evidence-based resources from the OCCC Library.

Locating Evidence-Based Care Resources in the eJournal Evidence Based Nursing

Evidence-Based Nursing

To locate evidence-based articles, use the Evidence Based Nursing eJournal. 

You can browse the current issue or the eJournal's archives.

Evidence-Based Nursing Journal, Where to Find Evidence-Based Practice


If you choose to browse by the archives, you will note on the archives' page that you browse according to year.

Evidence-Based Nursing Journal, Archives Overview

Once you have selected a year, you will then be brought to a table where you choose your desired month. Click on the blue hyperlinked month you wish to browse.

Evidence-Based Nursing Journal, Archives on selecting issue/date

Once in your results list, click the "Extract" link to read a summary of the article of click on the "full text or "PDF" links to read the article in its entirety.

Evidence-Based Nursing Journal, reading full text