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Oklahoma City Community College Keith Leftwich Memorial Library

Open Educational Resources - A Guide for Faculty

This guide will provide information about OER, examples of OER currently in use at OCCC, and information for receiving assistance with implementing OER content in a course.

Factors to Consider

Content: Does it cover what you'd like your students to learn in the course and meet the course objectives? 

Currency: Is the content current? Also consider if the content will become outdated quickly and need to be updated for relevance. 

Accessibility: Is the content and reading level at the right level for your students? Is it challenging enough? Is the level of technicality appropriate for your course?

Use: Is the license open? Can you share, reuse, and remix the content freely? Look back at the Creative Commons information to help determine this. 

Quality: Is the OER peer reviewed? Are there reviews from other instructors who teach courses like yours? Are errors corrected or noted?

Format: Does the material come in a format your students can access easily? Is special software required? Can the material be printed or purchased in print at a low cost? 

OER Rubrics


Track where you have found potentially useful OER. 

Save OER materials that you are interested in using to an easy to find location. 

Collaborate with other faculty and librarians. 

Include your students in the discussion.