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Business Help Guide

This guide is desgined specifically to highlight business related resouces and how to utilize them.

Business Websites




Evaluating Websites

Although using websites for your research seems like the best and easiest option, it often times isn't. Finding credible websites can often be tricky and time consuming, with sometimes millions of results to comb through, and it is your responsibility to evaluate the sites you find before you choose to use them. But...there are some great resources out there, so happy hunting and always remember your ABCDs...

The ABCD of Website Evaluation: What to Look For

Who is the author? What are the author's credentials?  Does the author have expertise in the area? Is the author associated with a reputable organization? 

Is the information balanced? Is it more opinion than fact? Is the page a presentation of facts or designed to sway opinion? Is a product, service, or idea being sold?

When was the page last updated? Are any links dead? Is the information consistent with your knowledge in the subject?

Is information documented with references? Are the facts given supported with evidence? If statistics are provided, what is the source? Is the page free of spelling mistakes or other obvious mistakes? 

The ABCD of Website Evaluation Chart

This chart will  help you walk through the evaluation. It helps you look for certain things for each letter, tells you why you should evaluate, and what you should look for when evaluating. 

ABCD of Website Evaluation Chart