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OCCC Reads 2015-2016: Water Matters: Chapter 2: Poisoning the Well

This guide provides a range of resources to use for OCCC Reads 2015-2016.

Chapter Summary


Short and sweet—a succinct call to attention and action by the guy behind the climate change mobilization around the world.

All over the world we are pumping our reservoirs of water dry—everywhere, not just China, not just California or north Texas.  Bangladesh serves as a canary in the coal mine for this very short essay. And still we have a “collective failure to see what is right before our eyes.”

Why Use this Chapter?

Why Use this Chapter:

There are two pages of text and two photos.  It's a short essay that could be the start of a discussion or quick writing in class.  Or use it to start a guided exercise on developing questions regarding water issues.

It ends on a motivational note!  “But if humanity always seems to ignore problems until they reach crisis proportions, so too does it have the capacity, once mobilized, to bring vast amounts of energy and ingenuity to solving those problems.“  “Perhaps the only real hope is a change in mindset toward valuing clean, fresh water at its true worth.”