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OCCC Reads 2015-2016: Water Matters: Chapter 4: Hot Spots

This guide provides a range of resources to use for OCCC Reads 2015-2016.

Chapter Summary


Full of images, Hot Spots, points out that the water crisis is different between different towns, states, and countries. Whether it is from drought, a wealth of polluted drinking water, or water for only the wealthy and connected. The fault may lay with different people and actions, but it doesn't change the fact that we are in a water crisis. Hot Spots points out: 

  • Kala Dera, India & Coca-Cola
  • Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California  & Water Shortage
  • Niger Delta, Nigeria & Oil Spills 
  • Aral Sea, Central Asia & Pollution and Illness
  • Upper Delaware River, US & Fracking
  • Appalachia, US & Coal Mining

This chapter also has an image of the world and points out 10 different water wars that is occurring all over the world.

Why Use this Chapter?

Why Use this Chapter:

This short chapter looks at six specific places and points out the water issues they are having, as well as water wars happening across the globe. This is a great chapter to use for group work by splitting up the different countries/wars between the groups. The groups could then discuss  the issue, how it began, and a possible solution. By adding a presentation, students would be meeting several general education requirements.