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OCCC Reads 2015-2016: Water Matters: Chapter 8: Beyond Public vs. Private

This guide provides a range of resources to use for OCCC Reads 2015-2016.

Chapter Summary


Using the current water issues enveloping the city of Detroit, Michigan, Beyond Public vs. Private, looks at the current fiscal concerns public water systems face. The article also discusses the tensions between citizens, local and national government, and private corporations, and the role each are currently playing in how people receive this valued resource. 

Why Use this Chapter?

Why Use this Chapter:

This chapter is an excellent resource to engage students in thinking about the roles of individual citizens, government and private industry have in ensuring people have access to water. This chapter would also serve as an excellent resource for having students think about the role of public and private sectors working together, and how much good can come from this. Finally, this chapter can be used to illustrate the tensions inherent in our federal system of government.