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Oklahoma City Community College Keith Leftwich Memorial Library

About the Library: Library Policies

This guide includes information on services and policies at the OCCC Library.

Computer Usage Policy

Every user of any Library public computer or any personal device or laptop using the College’s wireless network will comply with the following standards:

  • Users shall be sixteen (16) years of age or older. Proof of age shall be provided upon request.
  • All patrons wishing to use the Library's computers must login to gain access.
    • OCCC students and employees use their OCCC username and password.
    • Non-credit students and community members may receive a guest pass at the Circulation Desk. A valid driver's license or any other State or Federal picture ID is required.
  • Non-OCCC student computer users will be given passes for two hours.  If there is sufficient computer availability, additional time may be granted.
  • Use may be limited to OCCC students and employees only during high-use periods.
  • Users shall comply with the College's Network Acceptable Use Policy (College Policy No. 3058).
  • Users shall not view any sexually explicit, obscene or harassing messages, images, or cartoons.
  • Users shall not gain, or attempt to gain, unauthorized access to another user's computer or data.
  • Users acknowledge they have no expectation of privacy except to the extent usage is confidential pursuant to the Family Educations Rights and Privacy Act or other federal or state statutes.
  • OCCC reserves the right to, and does, monitor computer usage to ensure compliance with these standards, OCCC policies and federal and state laws.
  • If any user is found in violation of these standards the College will take action consistent with its policies and procedures including, but not limited to, revocation of access to network services.
  • Computers will be shut down five minutes prior to closing.

Checkout Policy

The checkout period for all circulating material is two weeks with a maximum of two renewals, as long as the item is not on hold for another patron.

A maximum of 10 items may be checked out by OCCC students.

A maximum of 5 items may be checked out by Courtesy Card and OK-Share patrons.

No more than 5 items on any one subject may be checked out at once.

Test review books in the circulating collection (i.e. - GED, SAT, MCAT) may be checked out for a period of two weeks with a one-book limit.

If you would like to check out an item that is already checked out, you may place a hold on the item through the Library catalog by selecting the "Place Hold" option on the item's record. You will be notified by email and phone once the item has arrived.

All items on the first floor (magazines, journals, Reference, and A/V) are in-library use only. All items on the second floor are available for check out.

If the catalog indicates an item is available on the shelf, but you are unable to locate it, come to the Circulation Desk and ask for assistance. If it is still not found, you may request a special search card be filled out, and the staff will notify you when they have completed the search.

Patrons are responsible for all items checked out on their account.

Damaged or Lost Material

The fee for replacing a lost or damaged item is $50. Damage could include, but is not limited to, water damage, stains, torn or chewed pages, highlighting, or writing in the book. 

Items overdue less than 18 months: you may request to purchase a replacement copy of the item or pay the $50 replacement fee. The replacement copy must be in like-new condition with no highlighting, writing, or library ownership stamps and be the same edition as the lost or damaged item. 

Items overdue by 18 months to 5 years: Subject Librarians will decide whether they will accept replacement copies of the item (items this old may have already been replaced) or if the patron will have to pay the $50 replacement fee. 

Items that are more than 5 years overdue: patrons will be required to pay the $50 replacement fee per item and replacement copies will not be accepted.

Students with books four weeks overdue will be placed on academic hold. They will be unable to check out items from the Library, enroll in classes, or get transcripts until the matter is resolved. 

Paying for Lost or Damaged Library Materials

Library patrons may pay for lost or damaged library materials online with Credit or Debit cards or an electronic check.  Patrons wishing to pay with cash can obtain a payment slip at the Circulation Desk to take to the Bursar's office.  Note that cash payments can only be processed at the Bursars office Monday - Friday  from 8 AM to 5 PM.  No cash payments can be processed in the evenings or on weekends.  Library staff cannot take cash payments.  

If paying by credit/debit card or electronic check, please click on the link below.  The link will take you to the OCCC Bursar's page.  Select the "OCCC eMarket General Store" link, choose the "OCCC Library," and then the "Lost Book Replacement Fee" option.  You will be asked for your name, address, phone number, email address, and student ID. For electronic check payments, you will need your bank routing and account numbers.

Please note that there will be a 2.75% processing fee added to all credit/debit card payments.  There is no processing fee for electronic checks.

Library and OCCC student accounts will be cleared by next business day.  If you need your accounts cleared immediately, please contact the staff at the Circulation Desk.

Course Reserves Policy

The Library purchases select textbooks that are being used in OCCC classes. Course Reserves may only be checked out to current OCCC students for a two-hour, in-library use only checkout. If this is violated, a student's Course Reserves privilege will be revoked. If a Course Reserves item is not returned on time, the patron will be charged the nonrefundable, full replacement cost of the item. 

If a textbook is not available, email the Circulation Librarian, Johnny Hill, at

Noise Policy

Image of quite painting on 2nd floor

The second floor of the Library is the designated quiet study area. Talking and cell phone use is prohibited. Groups wishing to work in the Library should use the group study rooms or tables on the first floor. Library staff monitor the second floor. You will be reminded once of the noise policy, and then asked to move to another area if talking continues. 
Although talking on the first floor is permitted, keeping conversation to a respectful level is requested. Please use headphones (available at the Circulation Desk) while listening to music or watching videos. 

Cell Phone Use Policy

Cell phone use is allowed on the 1st floor of the Library and in all lobbies and stairwells, as long as the conversation is kept to a reasonable level. Please be aware of others working around you. 

Cell phone use is prohibited within the quiet study area of the 2nd floor of the library. Please keep your cell phone on silent and move to the lobby or stairwell to make or take a call.

Food Policy

Food and covered drinks are allowed in the Library. Library patrons are asked to please dispose of food trash in the appropriate receptacles. Also, please inform library staff or janitorial staff about any spills.

Children in the Library

Children accompanied by an adult are welcome in the OCCC Library. Please keep children near you at all times. Anyone under the age of 16 should not be in the Library without adult supervision. The Library Circulation Desk keeps a box of crayons and coloring books for children to use. Feel free to ask to borrow them.

General Library Assistance

Library staff are able to provide basic assistance such as logging on to the computers, training on how to print, use the copiers and scanners, as well as other basic troubleshooting assistance. Staff cannot help with homework, writing papers, or business that is of a personal nature. For research assistance, librarians are available at the Library Assistance Desk.